Entertainment Law

Wolfe Law Miami, P.A.
Since its formation, Wolfe Law Miami has prided itself on applying innovative answers and extensive experience to entertainment law issues. The firm’s tactics and strategies employed in both transactional and litigation entertainment work has separated Wolfe Law Miami from other law firms as the preeminent entertainment law firm in Florida. Wolfe Law Miami provides legal advice to actors, writers, directors, producers, managers, agents, production, financing and distribution companies, networks and studios in the film, television, cable and interactive media sectors. Our entertainment lawyers cover virtually every aspect of the business. From drafting and negotiating performer, writer and producer agreements as well as television and film financing and distribution agreements to complex financing and revenue-sharing cross-discipline license agreements we have handled productions of more than 40 feature films, television & multi-media shows from “Soup to Nuts”.
Drafting expertise is not the only requirement for compiling a thorough and entertainment contract. A comprehensive understanding of the industry’s customs such as standard rates, royalties, business terms and deal points helps Wolfe Law Miami make a difference for our clients at the bargaining table. Wolfe Law Miami provides real world advice about what can and cannot be negotiated in this specific and complex industry. At Wolfe Law Miami we are known as the “deal makers,” and through our contract knowledge, negotiating abilities and our industry experience, we have worked out extremely complex entertainment deals.
Most importantly, having spent 10 years as a Certified Public Accountant, Richard C. Wolfe looks at deals from a cash flow prospective and we at Wolfe Law Miami feel we are qualified to help our clients maximize their rights and priorities. From the initial consultation, pre-contract negotiations and proper filing and registration of your work, Wolfe Law Miami has the ability and “know how” to ensure royalty income is made timely, audits are conducted regularly and technology remuneration is fairly monitored. If deal terms are not complied with, we litigate same effectively on behalf of our clients.