Business Law

Wolfe Law Miami, P.A.
Wolfe Law Miami has represented many investors, shareholders, partners and business entities in business deals and disputes. Richard Charles Wolfe is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in the area of business litigation, only a handful of lawyers are so qualified by the Florida Bar. For the past 30 years Wolfe Law Miami has helped to advance the careers of athletes, agents, entertainers, producers, production companies, managers, publishers, recording artists, record labels and their executives, and songwriters. The firm has the ability to negotiate, review, advise and draft the specific provisions needed for the different agreements in all kinds of businesses. These include shareholder, investment and operating contracts, corporate sponsorship, endorsement, distribution, managing, licensing, producing, publishing, recording merchandising touring and other contractual agreements. We also advise our clients with regard to their intellectual property including copyrights, consumer protection laws, rights of publicity and privacy, unfair competition in advertising and marketing, and the planning and implementation of sweepstakes, contests, and other promotional events. The firm also handles shareholders disputes, breach of duty claims, dissolution and collection matters among others.
Having spent 10 years as a Certified Public Accountant, Richard Charles Wolfe looks at deals from a cash flow prospective and we at Wolfe Law Miami feel we are extremely qualified to help our clients maximize their rights and priorities. Richard Charles Wolfe served as a sports agent and has a distinct understanding of the sports business landscape and can effectively draft, navigate and negotiate deals within that space. Additionally, Wolfe Law Miami attorneys have assisted clients in the negotiation, structuring and implementation of business acquisitions, mergers, dispositions and financing. Richard has frequently been asked to serve as an Expert Witness on Business Law & Intellectual Property matters.